Hi. I'm Claudia Aguirre (Ah-ghee-ray).

I have a PhD in Neuroscience and in the words of Mark Twain, "I have never let my schooling interfere with my education." I am always learning. I'm passionate about bringing science to everyone in a fun, digestible way. I travel the world lecturing on a broad range of topics from neuroscience to skin care, and everything under the wellness umbrella - and I try to live a healthy life. For the most part, my work has focused on longevity. From studying the aging brain to aging skin, I'm interested in extending the health of our mind and body.


Scientific communication should be as simple as story-telling. However, as George Bernard Shaw points out, "the single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place." With scientific and technological advances seemingly happening at the speed of light, the importance of communicating science to the public and media is at an all-time high.

A story is the only way to activate parts in the brain so that a listener turns the story into their own idea and experience. — Uri Hasson, Princeton University

The scientific process makes for a wonderful story, not unlike a good detective novel. Sometimes explaining a  mundane scientific concept, like the stress response, is better presented with live action and a story we can all relate to. For instance this was my task for my first TED Education lesson (aimed at school-age students). How could I teach about a complex topic like psychodermatology and the neuroendocrine response in a fun, easily digestible way that kids could relate to?  I decided to write a story about a boy and his pimple. This way, the viewer almost 'accidentally' learns while being entertained. Edutainment.  I've created these four TED Ed lessons...and taken my leanings into creating powerful and visual stories for my clients and partners.




Innovation is a big part of my work. From the ideation phase through product development and communications, I present my work with a tailored and detailed approach. Some of what's been keeping me busy:

  • Skin Regimen: Working with R&D and marketing teams to create a new line of skincare products aimed at the urban-dwelling millennial

  • Six Senses Resorts: Creating and maintaining a holistic wellness program aimed at enhancing the longevity of body and mind

  • Dyson: Communicating the science behind healthy hair and heat damage for the Supersonic team, as well as indoor air quality for the Pure Cool air purifier team.